1. Unfinished Basement? We Can Help With Basement Framing

    You have a beautiful house. You've worked hard to make sure it is clean, decorated and something you can be proud of. However, the basement is still a dark pit of concrete that you never want to show anyone. It's slowly become a door you pretend doesn't exist while it slowly collects all the stuff that doesn't really have a place. Don't be ashamed anymore. It's time to have a basement to match the…Read More


    Spring is here and for a lot of us that adds one more thing to our “To-Do” list “Gutter Clean Up”. Cluttered up gutters can cause damage that you want to avoid. A clogged up gutter can cause water to build up which will lead to water spilling over in places you don’t desire and water to damage your soffits and fascia which is an even bigger job to both replace and repair. First you will …Read More


    Many people ask me, “What types of projects can you do?” The short answer is that I can work on almost any project that does not require a state professional license to do so. Most people feel as though their project is too small. NOT TRUE! I have no problem at all working on any project and I think that you will find that I am reasonably priced and easy to work with. If your project is larger…Read More