Spring is here and for a lot of us that adds one more thing to our “To-Do” list “Gutter Clean Up”. Cluttered up gutters can cause damage that you want to avoid. A clogged up gutter can cause water to build up which will lead to water spilling over in places you don’t desire and water to damage your soffits and fascia which is an even bigger job to both replace and repair. First you will want to wait for a few dry days of weather. Then the build up debris will not be so heavy or wet which will make it easier to clean up. To clean out your gutters you should need: a trowel, a ladder, a bucket with a metal hook, a pair of work gloves and a garden hose with a spray attachment. to begin cleaning start near the down spout to get out the larger debris. The trowel is best for cleaning out the smaller packed in material. If the water is standing water it may have a foul odor. If this is the case it is better to put on a pair of latex gloves under your work gloves. Once you remove the larger debris from the gutter than get out your hose using the spray attachment and spray out the rest of the debris starting at the opposite end of your down spout. If your gutters still aren’t draining properly this may indicate that you have a clogged up down spout. In this case you will need to remove the down spout and see if you can locate the clog and then remove it. You can also try to use the water pressure from the hose to spray out and remove the clog from the down spout too. If you have leaks in the gutters then you can easily fix them by running a bead of gutter sealant inside the gutters, but wait until its completely dry to do so. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference aesthetically also!

If you live in a two story house you will need a tall extension ladder for this project.

A suggestion to keep debris from entering gutters at all is to install gutter screens. They are affordable and will eliminate the problems of clogged up gutters each year.

If you run into any problems or issues cleaning out your gutters call me and I will be glad to help. Or, if you simply do not have time and would like it done for you, call me and I will gladly take this project off of your “To-Do” list.

Shane Watson