You have a beautiful house. You’ve worked hard to make sure it is clean, decorated and something you can be proud of. However, the basement is still a dark pit of concrete that you never want to show anyone. It’s slowly become a door you pretend doesn’t exist while it slowly collects all the stuff that doesn’t really have a place.

Don’t be ashamed anymore. It’s time to have a basement to match the rest of the house. The hardest part about getting started is making the first step: framing the basement. A step that your local handyman service in Fort Collins can help you with.

We will help you every step of the way, always with dedication and honesty. Framing a basement can be overwhelming, but these are the parts of the process so you can be familiar with what is involved:

  • Prep:¬†Before work begins on your basement, it is important to get the lumber and the proper permits. Not sure which wood to pick? That’s okay, we know what’s best and how to get the best price, just contact us today!
  • Wall blocking: placing beams between the wall studs, used for attachment of nails.
  • Design: especially around basement poles and duct work, which can be unattractive if just left as is.
  • Doors and windows: framing these require special care and a different process. We even do door replacement!

So when you are looking for the handyman service Fort Collins loves, contact All of the Above Handyman Services. If you need basement framing, door replacement, home window replacement, or just general home maintenance service, we do All of the Above, and we go above and beyond. Contact us today!